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Shepherd and Sutton / Rod Cameron


Stamp: On headjoint: (unicorn) / SHEPHERD / & SUTTON / LONDON / (small letters) PATENT. On all other joints: SHEPHERD / & SUTTON


Manufacture Date: Made between 1829-1846 (Langwill)


Comments: This is a honking flute, excellent for session playing. The lower octaves are especially strong, with a powerful low C. Since Rod Cameron has rebuilt the flute, it plays like the cross between the old and the new that it is. The boxwood gives a bright tone.

Material: Made of beautiful figured boxwood with silver keys and ivory trim. Cap and corkscrew ivory. Springs brass, footjoint springs replaced with steel (probably by Rod Cameron).

System: This is a six keyed flute with C foot. Toneholes modestly Nicholsonian, with the characteristic large F# and B holes. Rod Cameron rebuilt the flute some years ago, including retuning, probable re-boring, and Rod's signature polish to the bore.

Condition: The condition is excellent, with the understanding that Rod Cameron rebuilt the flute to modern standards some years ago. The flute was repadded and given full maintenance here about a year ago. The keys all work, with a rich low C. The springs are individualistic, with the little G# a bit stiff, and the short F a bit soft; this is actually fairly common among English flutes with hard brass springs.

Pitch: Although the tuning does beg for dexterity, the pitches are all close to A=440 with the head out a perfect 6 mm.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 588 mm.


Weight: Weighs 298 g.

Case: In modern case.

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