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Rudall and Rose

Serial #3036


Stamp: Stamped on midjoint: RUDALL & ROSE / No. 15 PIAZZA / COVENT GARDEN / LONDON / 3036. On barrel, heart, and foot: RUDALL & ROSE / LONDON.

Marks: RR stamped under C-sharp touch.

Manufacture Date: Made 1838-1847, per address (Langwill).

Hallmarks: No hallmarks.

Comments: The 1832 patent headjoint was a huge advance in flutemaking skill, yet perhaps of a bit less importance to flute playing. The magical movement of the cork and the tuning slide in tandem yet at different speeds is somewhat offset by the added weight to the headjoint. Nonetheless, these are the highest professional model of the Rudall & Rose flute and were made with extra lavished care and skill. This flute is unrestored, so unplayable at the moment. Every indication shows that this was, and will be again, a lovely and magnificent example of Rudall and Rose at their best.

Material: This beautiful flute is made of cocus wood with silver keys and trim. Patent headjoint adds materials.

System: This is the professional English flute of the day, with 8 silver keys and a footjoint to C, and the special R&*R Patent headjoint.

Condition: This flute would be in near-mint condition were it not for the nasty crack through the embouchure. Even the thread and pads look original. Alas, the patent headjoint makes fixing this crack even worse than usual. The repair here can be done in several ways, so we are leaving it to the next owner to choose how they want it done. There is also a crack in the barrel, but this is essentially inconsequential. The rest of the flute is perfect. There is some small sign of wear from use on the toneholes, and long fingernails on the left hand. The case is split at the hinge, and the original cork grease container has an open crack.

Pitch: This is a bit longer than many Rudalls, so it is probably high pitch but playable at A=440 when extended about 1 cm.

Sounding Length: Sounding length fully compressed is 583 mm.


Weight: 482 g.

Case: In probably the original case, with an undated and unnumbered certificate signed by Rudall and Rose.

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