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V. Q. Powell


Boston, USA

Stamp: On head and upper body: (triangle with VQP) / VERNE Q. POWELL / BOSTON. Additionally on body: 180.


Manufacture Date: The Powell bible lists this flute made July 9, 1932 for M. Shapiro. This was Powell's sixth year in business.


Comments: This is a lovely, sweet sounding flute, without any of the harshness up top, and a rich, lowing bass. Powell truly carried the tone of Lot into the 20th century, and this instrument, even with the replaced embouchure, is a player's treasure.

Material: This exquisite flute is made of silver with gold springs. The current lipplate is of gold with gold riser (the flute was originally fitted with a silver lipplate).

System: Powell 180 is a French model handmade flute with low B, operated by the left hand pinkie. The left hand B was a popular feature on the Louis Lot flutes, and gives complete independence for the low B key. The lipplate has been changed to a gold one, with very modest overcutting.

Condition: The condition of this flute is excellent. There is some wear from use, and the pad job is getting old. The instrument is fine for neighborhood use as she lies, but would probably need a full overhaul for the long run.

Pitch: This flute is pitched at A=440.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 634 mm.


Weight: 428 g.

Case: In possibly the original case, which is worn but functional.

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