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J. Pfaff


Stamp: On upper body: (curved) J (?) PFAFF / (straight) PHILA


Manufacture Date: Probably made c. 1860.


Comments: This is an unusual Pfaff flute, having a one piece body and foot design. It seems later in the century than most Pfaffs, and made with hints of Pratten and Meyer. The unlined headjoint is sweet, and the thin wooden upper barrel joint very stylish. The keywork is reminiscent of the earlier Pfaff flutes, and some interesting things have been done with the springs, especially at the lower C#.

Material: Made of brown grenadilla (?) wood, with German silver keys and mounts. Wood turned corkscrew, with wooden disk on inside cork end. Brass tuning slide mounted in head ("French style"), headjoint otherwise unlined. Springs flat brass. Bottom ring missing.

System: This is an eight keyed flute with a rare one piece body and foot design. It is a medium sized hole model, with minimum undercutting. The headjoint is unlined. The embouchure is oval (9.9 x 11.7 mm), broadly undercut and with a careful overcutting at the outside edges. The foot keys for C and C# are uniquely clutched with an extension of the brass spring for the C#.

Condition: This instrument is well used, yet in fine condition. This flute appears to be made at high, but not too high, pitch, and will play at A=440 with the headjoint out about 11 mm. Bottom ring missing.

Pitch: Seems pitched at A=448; plays at A=440 when out about 11 mm.

Sounding Length: Sounding length fully compressed: 585 mm.


Weight: 358 g.

Case: No case.

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