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Louis Lot



Stamp: Engraved on headjoint: L.L / LOUIS LOT / PARIS/ 7388 / BREVET� engraved on head; L.L / LOUIS LOT / PARIS / BREVET�, engraved on body. No mark on foot.

Marks: No marks visible under keys.

Manufacture Date: Tulla Giannini gives 1905, and Ernest Chambille as the new proprietor, for this flute. The original records are lost, and this instrument does not show up in the existing repair records from the 1920's.

Hallmarks: Hallmarked on lipplate, body rings and keys with the boar's head of silver purity and the maker's diamond: H#V.

Comments: This flute is a very rare example of a Louis Lot with some construction innovations and in a perfect original condition. The thumb keys are not attached with a screw-in steel rod as usual, but rather with a steel rod pressure fixed inside the silver thumb key tube, extending to go through the Bb touch tube. This steel rod has a pointed end that swivels This headjoint carries a strong and compelling character, with the call for full participation by the player pioneered by Louis Lot. The tone quality of these flutes is so compelling it resembles a fine violin in it's individual character.

Material: This very sweet flute is made of silver, with seamed tubes, blue steel springs. Original padwashers on all pads appear to be white metal.

System: This is the Model 5, silver flute with C foot, used by most professionals in France. The upper trill key is for the thumb B, and is made like the Godfroy trills, on the outside rod with a groove in the body strap. The padwashers are made with a definite change from earlier, having small rectangular catch holes for unscrewing, rather than the round holes used since the time of Lot and Godfroy, and they are flat topped. The tone hole rims are with the concave taper. The wall thickness is a very thin .012" (.3048 mm), and the diameter of the tubes seems scant to 19 mm. It is likely that this instrument was made for a client wishing an old-time sound; the lyrical call of the original Louis Lot flutes. The construction is exquisite, and in perfect original condition.

Condition: This flute is in excellent, nearly completely original condition. It has been played, and played well, but she has been put to bed and tucked in each night. The flute looks virtually new, but the toneholes have been resoldered some years ago, which belies the sedentary life.

Pitch: Pitched to play at A=440, if not A=442

Sounding Length: Sounding length 602 mm.


Weight: 410 g.

Case: In Yamaha case.

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