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Wylde, from Rudall & Rose (left handed)


Stamp: On midjoint: (Royal Arms) / WYLDE / FROM / RUDALL & ROSE / 25 VILLIERS ST. / STRAND / LONDON; the same without arms on the foot. The head and heart are marked: WYLDE / LONDON.


Manufacture Date: Wylde was at this address between 1838 and 1852 (Langwill).


Comments: This instrument has inspired impressive efforts to keep it playing. The curious cracks up the midjoint and the headjoint are as unusual as the left handedness of the instrument, and suggest some unlikely event, rather than a gradual overuse, which is nonetheless also possible.

Material: This left-handed flute is made of lovely dark brown cocus wood, with 7 silver keys. Springs of brass, double springs of steel. C & C# plugs of pewter. Crown and barrel appear replaced, the barrel possibly with the original silver fittings. Embouchure with silver lip guard, possibly a later addition.

System: Left handed 7 keyed flutes are rare, and this instrument has been zealously guarded, and nursed back to health many times.

Condition: This flutes many stories will remain largely untold, but they are legion. Most visibly full lengthwise cracks are pinned in the headjoint and the midjoint. The embouchure has been only modestly adjusted, compared to the Guichard, for example. Other repairs have been to the footjoint shoulders. Some left handed flute player is looking for this flute, to carry on a rich and possibly sacred history.


Sounding Length: Sounding length 587 mm.


Weight: 422 g.

Case: In wooden case contemporary with the flute.

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