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Stamp: On all joints except barrel: (Italic, in oval cartouche) Guichard / � Paris.


Manufacture Date: Probably made after c. 1840, as the crab mark suggests, and possibly as late as the 1872 registration of a very similar maker's-hallmark.

Hallmarks: Keys hallmarked with the crab (outside of Paris from c. 1838) and the maker's diamond: . This mark is similar to the Parisian mark of Alexis Lachaume (No. 00424, insculpation 19 avril, 1872).


Material: Made of a brown grenadilla type wood, with silver keys and trim. Springs flat steel. Cork screw of wood, with replaced ivory disk on the crown. Barrel and tuning slide repairs.

System: This interesting flute is an adjusted French 8 keyed flute, with changes made to enhance the playing of traditional tunes. The embouchure is reshaped into a softened rectangle. The F# hole has been opened by a descendant of Schuchart, who liked to undercut half way around the bore.

Condition: The restoration of this flute is complete.


Sounding Length: Sounding length 597 mm.


Weight: 384 g.

Case: In wooden case contemporary with the flute.

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