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Louis Lot



Stamp: Engraved on headjoint and body: L. L / LOUIS LOT / PARIS / (on headjoint only) 4884 / BREVET�.


Manufacture Date: Made May 10, 1890, under E. Barat. The original record exists, and shows that this flute was made for Max Dessauer 121 St John St., New Haven Conn., and shipped via Amsterdam. Mr. Dessauer also ordered a wooden flute at the same time.

Hallmarks: Hallmarked on lower lipplate edge, and the boar's head on the upper.

Comments: This instrument plays just enough today to witness the warmth, brightness, and flexibility of a lovely Louis Lot flute. With a good overhaul, we suspect this will be a lively and bright flute with a great tone. It is high pitch (A=448), and plays at A=440 with the headjoint out about 11 mm.

Material: This model 7 covered hole flute is made of Maillechort with silver plating, and an original silver lipplate. The springs are steel. The original metal padwashers are all present. The original thumb crutch is of ebony and silver.

System: This is the Model 7, silver-plated Maillechort body and keys, with solid silver lipplate. The tone holes are covered ("ronde ferm�s" in the original record). The foot is to C. The trill is to B (thumb key). The Toneholes rims are straight-tapered. There is an ebony and silver thumb crutch, with an elegant clover-shaped holder on the flute. The pitch is A=448.

Condition: The condition of this flute is very good, yet unrestored. Everything is in perfect original condition. There is a small bump in the headjoint, and the keys show signs of modest use and wear. A full overhaul would bring this beautiful flute fully back to life.

Pitch: This flute is pitched at A=448, "Ancien diapason" to the French.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 585 mm.


Weight: 368 g.

Case: The case is original, and in poor external condition, yet fine internal condition.

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