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V. Q. Powell


Boston, Mass., USA

Stamp: On barrel: (triangle with VQP) / VERNE Q. POWELL / BOSTON / 6388. On headjoint: (triangle with VQP)

Marks: COOPER SCALE stamped on key strap. The mark "O" appears under the thumb keys.

Manufacture Date: Completed Nov. 4, 1982.


Comments: This flute was used professionally for many years, and was retired early in this millennium. It is a knowledgeable flute, and plays with authority. The Cooper scale and Cooper lipplate give this instrument a modern feel, yet it retains the rich and full tone of earlier times.

Material: From the Powell bible: Sterling silver, soldered tone holes, .018 tubing, Cooper Scale, A=440, French cups, B foot, in-line G, gold embouchure.

System: This excellent example of Powell in the 80's is a French model flute with B foot and gold embouchure. This is a classic Albert Cooper influenced instrument. The body is marked Cooper Scale, and the lipplate was specially made by Albert Cooper, according to oral history from the original owner. The embouchure shows Cooper's solution to greater volume in the boldly overcut sides.

Condition: This flute is in fine used condition. There are scant signs of player-generated issue, such as a tiny dent near the cap and at the crown. The mechanism is almost tight enough not to need adjustment, and the pads are still useable. A full overhaul is probably not in this flute's distant future, but sooner. The only signs of which one could complain are the pliers marks around the left-hand pins, showing someone's bold move while far from home.

Pitch: Seems pitched at A=442.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 635 mm.



Case: In probably original case, with a taped hinge.

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