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Graves (piccolo)

Winchester, N.H., USA

Stamp: On headjoint: (eagle) / (curved) GRAVES & Co / WINCHESTER / N. H. / (space) D. On midjoint and footjoint: (curved) GRAVES & Co / WINCHESTER / N. H.


Manufacture Date: Made 1830 to 1845, extrapolating from Langwill.


Comments: Any instrument from the famous Graves workshop is important, and this piccolo marries historicity with excellence of construction. It seems clear that this is not an import, since the ivory rings are unique.

Material: This lovely piccolo is made of the light wood we call American Boxwood, since we have never satisfactorily identified it. The wood is stained brown. The one key is brass, the flat pad leather, the spring also of brass. The uniquely shaped rings are of ivory.

System: This is a one-keyed piccolo in D, pitched at around A=440. The cork is free, and the cap friction-fit.

Condition: The condition of this little piccolo is excellent. There are no cracks in the wood, and only the ivory crown has a crack among the ivories. The embouchure hole is modestly worn, but not enlarged.

Pitch: Seems pitched at A=440.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 264 mm.


Weight: 64 g.

Case: No case.

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