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Stamp: On head and upper body: (monogram AB) / Ate / BONNEVILLE / (gothic) Paris. Additionally on body the number: 3608


Manufacture Date: Made around 1912, we suspect, assuming a steady output of 100 flutes per year.

Hallmarks: No hallmarks.

Comments: This robust flute offers extraordinary variety in tone and expression, opening the famous Bonneville textured-tone into new territories. This is truly a transitional flute, maintaining the purity and sweetness of the 19th century in a bold, powerful body. If this flute were a wine, it would marry the depth of age with the fruity vivacity of youth in an extraordinary and expensive vintage.

Material: Made of Maillechort with silver plating throughout. Springs of steel, with many new ones.

System: This is the plated C foot model, with a Bb trill. Graduated toneholes. One piece strap. Pinless foot.

Condition: This instrument appears to be in fine and original condition, except the crown has been replaced. It has been relatively recently overhauled to full performance standards. The headjoint has not been cut, the pad washers are all original, the embouchure is perfect.

Pitch: This flute was made to be played higher than A=435, yet is certainly not a high pitched flute. With the head out a few millimeters it plays very well at A=440.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 604 mm.


Weight: 406 g.

Case: In Bonneville double case, with an empty piccolo compartment.

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