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Louis Lot



Stamp: On headjoint: L. L. / LOUIS LOT// PARIS /3792/ BREVET�. On upper body: L. L (no second period) / LOUIS LOT/ PARIS / BREVET�. Footjoint unstamped.

Marks: No marks, other than padding marks, visible under keys.

Manufacture Date: Made in 1884, the second year of Debonneetbeau's proprietorship.

Hallmarks: Headjoint without hallmarks. Body with Boar's head mark of silver purity, Paris, and Villette's diamond on upper ring, no marks on keywork. Foot with similar marks on lower ring and unmarked keys.

Comments: This flute is very easy to play, with a strong and rich tone. The low notes are a touch lower than the high ones, thanks to the trimmed headjoint an the original 435 pitch, yet she plays easily with an even tone throughout. The high notes speak very easily. I would call this a classic Debonneetbeau embouchure. This early in his proprietorship it is not known if the "after lunch" flutes were so pronounced, but this looks like a good, solid, before lunch blowhole.

Material: Made of silver, with metal cork screw.

System: This is the standard model 5. The trill is to Bb, and there is an additional trill lever for the A and G# hole rack, which actually seems to give a G# trill. The foot is to C. The right hand clutch is a "hanging T", with one adjustment screw on top for the E key and one on the bottom for the F key. The tone holes and keys are graduated. The chimney has one, bottom, flange. The footjoint is of the double rod type. The open tone holes have been rebuilt by Gary Lewis, while removing a previous conversion to closed holes.

Condition: The condition of this flute is well used, yet excellent for playing. The embouchure is perfect, and appears never to have been removed or tampered with. Modifications for playing include: The C# hole has a little crescent insert, added by Gary Lewis. The headjoint has been cut about 5 mm. The open hole keys were changed to closed hole many years ago, then returned to open hole by Gary Lewis just a few years ago. Thus this instrument retains the tonal characteristics of the original, with a few superficial modifications for current use.

Pitch: Plays today at A=440.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 600 mm.


Weight: 382 g.

Case: In old case, unlikely to be the original one, which is in poor condition.

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