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Wm. S Haynes / Howell Roberts



Stamp: Engraved on barrel: (curved) THE HAYNES FLUTE / (STRAIGHT) MFD BY / WM. S. HAYNES CO. / BOSTON, MASS. /49898/ REG. TRADE MARK . On rear of barrel: (script) Deveau. Headjoint marked: (Large capital) R / Howel Roberts / Germany.

Marks: LD stamped on upper trill strap. "16" stamped on strap under upper C# key. "13" on strap under G key. "FLD", "S", and "16" on strap under FJ keys.

Manufacture Date: Made 1993 or 1994. Nestor Torres used this flute on his Grammy nominated CD "Treasures of the Heart". The flute is illustrated on the CD jacket. The title track gives a great treat of tone, articulation, and flexibility, thanks to Nestor, and this flute. This CD can be heard at: Nestor can be seen and heard playing this flute at the Heineken Jazz fest in 2005:


Comments: This flute and headjoint combo has belonged to Nestor Torres, and was used on his recordings, "Talk to Me", and the Grammy nominated, "Treasure of the Heart". Alan Weiss, Artist in Residence of the Haynes Co. and one of the most congenial people in the Flute Business, has supplied us with the following comments on this flute: LD stands for Lew Deveau scale. 13 means it was the 13th flute made that calendar year.� 16 means .016 tubing.� FLD� means Footjoint Lew Deveau. This is the drawn model with pointed arms open hole which was an option in those years.� Now we only make open hole French with choice of toneholes.� I hope this helps!--Alan Thank you Alan for your comments! �

Material: Made of silver, with wooden headjoint by Howell Roberts. Gold springs.

System: Open hole, drawn tone holes, inline G, Deveau scale, .o16 tube, B foot. Wooden headjoint thinned, with silver tenon inserted just a short way into head.

Condition: This flute is well used, yet in excellent condition.

Pitch: Pitched at A=440.

Sounding Length: 635 mm.


Weight: 438

Case: With Haynes case.

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