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Powell, V. Q.

Serial #3161


Stamp: Engraved on all three joints: (in triangle) VQP / VERNE Q. POWELL / BOSTON. Additionally on barrel: 3161


Manufacture Date: Made Sept. 3, 1969 by Bickford Brannen at Powell's (Powell Bible).


Comments: An absolutely beautiful flute.

Material: Silver, B foot, with gold lipplate. Tubes appear to be .016". Gold springs.

System: This is listed in Powell's record book as hand made, French model, low B, gold embouchure. In fact, it is Powell's copy of a Louis Lot flute from one of Lot's successors, possibly as late as Chambille. No gizmo, but low B is independent.

Condition: This flute is in absolutely perfect condition, with little sign of use and no sign of abuse.

Pitch: This flute appears to be made to play at A=440 with the headjoint out just a tad.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 636 mm.


Weight: 424 g.

Case: In a beautiful handmade wooden case with inlay, made by the original owner, Harold Jeter.

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