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Haynes, Wm. S.


Boston, USA

Stamp: Engraved on barrel: (curved) THE HAYNES FLUTE / (STRAIGHT) MFD BY / WM. S. HAYNES CO. / BOSTON, MASS. /25050 / REG. TRADE MARK Engraved on headjoint: (curved) REGISTERED/ (monogram) WSH / (reverse curve) / TRADEMARK


Manufacture Date: Made c. 1955


Comments: This silver Alto flute speaks easily, with a warm and lovely tone.

Material: Alto Flute with solid silver body and keys. Tube appears to be .019".

System: Alto Flute with C foot.

Condition: In excellent condition. Plays well, but could use a complete repadding in the fairly near future.

Pitch: Pitched at A=440.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 790 mm.


Weight: 720 g.

Case: In original case.

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