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Clair Godfroy, ain�

No serial number.

Paris, France

Stamp: Stamped on headjoint and upper body joint (footjoint unstamped): (head of Medusa) / (in oval cartouche)Clair/Godfroy, ain�/A Paris(end of cartouche)/(monogram) "C" over "G".


Manufacture Date: Probably made c.1839-1845. This is one of the earliest design of Godfroy's, and was supplanted by the "tear drop" D# design before the advent of the 1847 footjoint.

Hallmarks: No hallmarks.

Comments: Louis Dorus played on a flute like this one during his extraordinary ascendency to the top of French fluteplaing. Using a flute like this one he performed most of the flute solos at the Soci�t� des Concerts from 1836 to 1847. The tone is very sweet, and strong and even, just as it is supposed to be.

Material: This beautiful flute is made of a fairly thick piece of cocus(?) wood, with silver keys and trim. The springs were originally flat (probably including the Dorus G#), yet during years of use the flat springs have mostly been replaced with needles.

System: This is the Godfroy version of Boehm's 1832-system conical-bore ring-keyed flute. The foot is to C, their is a trill to B, and the G# is the Dorus variety.

Condition: This historically important flute has also been considered a valuable playing instrument. The flute has been used, yet all of the important parts remain original. There are a few odd cracks at the sockets, but nothing special. The flat springs have mostly been replaced with needle springs.

Pitch: Pitch c. A=430, as far as I can tell.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 590 mm.



Case: In original case, showing wear.

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