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Louis Lot


Paris, France

Stamp: Engraved on headjoint and upper body: L. L / LOUIS LOT / PARIS / BREVET� . Additionally on headjoint between Paris and Brevet�: 6764 /

Marks: No hidden marks currently visible.

Manufacture Date: This extraordinary and perfect presentation flute was made for "J. I " in 1900 (Giannini), under E. Barat, proprietor. It appears that the flute and the perfect case were little, if ever, used. The embouchure, at 9.9 x 11.7 mm is cut for the fantastic control and clarity of the original Louis Lot.

Hallmarks: Hallmarked on the gold lipplate with the eagle's head of gold purity from Paris and the maker's mark . Body, foot and keys hallmarked with the boar's head of Paris silver purity and . The Lot company used the mark registered by Villette in the late 1870's, untill E. Chambille registered a new one around 1907.

Comments: It is highly unusual to play on a Louis Lot flute that is virtually brand new. Quite interestingly, the flute feels new. Playing on this flute is a bit like taking a glass of fine old Burgandy just as the bottle has been opened. One knows that every subsequent sip will be even more delicious, as the wine breathes in the glass. The embouchure is built for a tone-conscious player of 1900. The focus is quite concentrated. The tone is built from the bottom up, unlike a modern embouchure, which starts with volume and avoids the foundation of tone. This flute is a consumate Lot; it reflects it's era, yet shows great respect for the expressiveness of past flutes. Earlier Lots do not have quite as much texture to the tone as this instrument, which is partly a function of the extra volume built into this flute. However the beautiful embouchure gives the player complete control, and offers the intensity of tone for which Lots are famous. This flute is a sweetheart who will make a good, if demanding, partner, whose input into the relationship will be endlessly expansive.

Material: The delicately engraved gold lipplate and the guilloch� engraving on the silver barrel set this lovely flute apart. The fact that it is in perfect, beautiful and barely used condition, and is an extraordinary player helps identify this flute as a rare treasure.

System: This flute is the standard model 5, silver flute with C foot, trill to Bb, with additional orders for an engraved gold lipplate, guilloch� engraving on the barrel, and an embossed case. The headjoint tenon appears to have fairly recently been cut a few millimeters, to raise the possible playing pitch.

Condition: The flute and the case look practically unused. The instrument has just been overhauled in Europe. We see absolutely no signs of abuse or damage on the mechanism; in fact, there is hardly any sign of use at all. This flute is as close to brand new as one can ever hope to find in a vintage instrument. It appears as though the headjoint tenon was cut, fairly recently, by a few millimeters, to raise the available pitch. We do not condone this, but it is undeniably useful.

Pitch: The instrument was almost certainly made for the French pitch of A=435. The headjoint has been cut about 4 millimeters, bringing the useable pitch up to A=440.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 600 mm.


Weight: 406 g.

Case: The classic Louis Lot case is also in practically brand new condition, which helps suggest that it is original with the flute. Furthermore, it is embossed with the initials, " J. I ", also suggesting it was made for a presentation flute such as this one.

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