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No serial number.

London, England

Stamp: (curved)CAHUSAC/196 /STRAND/LONDON stamped on headjoint; CAHUSAC/LONDON on all other joints.

Marks: No marks under keys.

Manufacture Date: Made c.1790? This address was used from at least 1780 to around 1810. The construction of the flute suggests it was made during the early, but not too early, days of the keyed flute in London.


Comments: This is a very interesting flute, with a handsome profile. It is of historical, and possibly performance, interest. The tuning slide is lovely, although impractical, and was supplanted by Potter's more successful design.

Material: Boxwood with ivory trim and silver keys.

System: 5-key, C# foot. Head and barrel designed with unusual attempt at a tuning slide, sort of like Quantz.

Condition: This flute was restored some years ago. A new "ivory" ring on the heartpiece and similar crown were provided. The springs all look original. The embouchure and tone holes are lovely. Midjoint tenon lowered a few mm to raise the pitch.

Pitch: The pitch is c. A=433-440, with the tuning slide.

Sounding Length: Sounding length is 55.4 cm.


Weight: 278

Case: In old but not original case.

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