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Louis Lot



Stamp: Stamped on upper body: L. L. / LOUIS-LOT / PARIS / 3541 / BREVET� . Stamped on headjoint and footjoint: L.L / LOUIS LOT / PARIS .


Manufacture Date: Made 1886 (Giannini). Five years after Boehm's death, someone ordered this Boehm-system French flute from Louis Lot. The open G# and reversed Bb of Boehm fit nicely onto this affordable French sweetheart. In spite of the long pitch, the keys are easy to play with small fingers.


Comments: This instrument, although one of the less expensive models from the Louis Lot company, is of historical interest, and is in impressive condition.

Material: This body of this beautiful, near-mint condition flute is made of a beautifully figured dark brown wood I doubt we would call grenadilla today. I almost suspect that the headjoint and footjoint are from a different piece of wood. Their finish looks a tad fresher, and the stamp is a later style (although different stamps on the head and body are common). The wood of the body looks just a stage higher quality. The keywork on the footjoint matches the body in style and period. The keywork is practically untouched by human hands, and is plated. The steel screws are among the freshest we have seen. The springs are steel. The corkscrew is wooden.

System: This is a specially ordered "Model 3" flute from the Louis Lot shop made with Boehm's open G# and reversed Bb. In this case the Bb is a straightforward Briccialdi key which simply ends earlier on the thumb!

Condition: This flute is untouched except for a hairline socket crack and an overhaul, and what I believe to be signs that Debonneetbeau cut this embouchure after lunch.

Pitch: Pitched at A= 435.

Sounding Length: 607 mm


Weight: 450

Case: In old Rudall Carte case.

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