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Rudall Carte & Co.

Serial # 2846.


Stamp: STAMPED ON BODY: (crown/ RUDALL/ CARTE & CO/ 23 BERNERS STREET/ OXFORD STREET/ LONDON/ 2846. On head and foot: (crown/ RUDALL/ CARTE & CO/ LONDON. Additional headjoint with barrel attachment stamped: (cyrillic) A. I. Eppler/ (monogram) AE/ A. I. Eppler/ FLUTEMAKER/ SEATTLE 1984/ No. 081


Manufacture Date: Made c. 1897 (Langwill).

Hallmarks: No hallmarks.

Comments: This instrument was the treasured companion of a now retired military-band flutist. He used this instrument for many years in quintet and concert music, at A=440. In the 1970's he sent it to Alexander Eppler for an overhaul and new headjoint. He has used it regularly, and the same overhaul remains on the flute. She still plays beautifully, but would play 100 times better with a complete overhaul.

Material: Made of cocus wood with silver keys and trim. Silver headjoint lining.

System: This was built as a fully professional English Boehm system, with offset G, and a C foot. The full-body wood and headjoint have not been thinned. This is a handmade flute of the highest quality, boasting a long life of great service.

Condition: The condition of this flute is that of a trusted friend throughout her 111 years of life! Someone has always been there for this flute when help was needed. In some cases, help was needed far away from London. For example, the C touch on the footjoint is a crude replacement. Most of the maintenance work , such as solder touch-ups where the arms meet the rods, is of the practical rather than artistic variety. The original headjoint carries a closed crack which enters the embouchure, although this does not seem to impede the lovely playing quality. An additional wooden headjoint by Alexander Eppler has been with this flute for several decades.

Pitch: Pitched perfectly at A=440, with both headjoints.

Sounding Length: 602 mm.


Weight: 525

Case: In enormous case with Eppler headjoint.

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