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Louis Lot


Paris, France

Stamp: On headjoint: L. L / LOUIS LOT/ PARIS/ 3952/ BREVET�/. On body: L. L./ LOUIS LOT/ PARIS/ BREVET� . Footjoint unmarked.

Marks: No marks visible under keys.

Manufacture Date: Made in 1884 (Giannini).

Hallmarks: No hallmarks.

Comments: This flute has a great and compelling tone. It is a loud flute for a Lot, possibly due to the very large embouchure, which appears to be original. The embouchure is not exactly symmetrical. We are reminded of the story about Debonneetbeau and his lengthy lunches. He apparently kept all of the embouchure cutting to himself, and the embouchures from after lunch are reputed to have been somewhat wayward. This looks to us like an afternoon cutting, which nonetheless was genius.

Material: Made of silver plated metal, probably with silver lipplate. New crown of silver with steel rod.

System: This is Lot's model 7, plated flute with C foot. The keys are plateau model. The upper trill key trills the G-G# rack! Pinless foot. Lot's mechanism. Tone holes with tapered rim.

Condition: This flute has been in constant service. Although no major damage or repair is visible, nonetheless the plating has worn off entirely where the fingers touch the instrument. The pad washers are original, yet the springs, several screws, some steels, and the crown are new. This instrument was recently completely overhauled in Canada, and these new parts may well come from this work. At any event, the parts that wear out from use have been upgraded, while the parts that principally make the sound are all original.

Pitch: Appears to play right at A=440.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 601 mm.


Weight: 374 g.

Case: No case (currently in modern band case).

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