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Louis Lot

Serial #1804

Paris, France

Stamp: Engraved on headjoint: L.L./ LOUIS LOT/ PARIS/ 1804/ BREVET�. On body: L. L./ LOUIS-LOT/ PARIS/ 1804. Note headjoint name is without hyphen.


Manufacture Date: Made in 1873, under Louis Lot himself.

Hallmarks: No hallmarks.

Comments: This is the flute that represents the full development of Louis Lot. Made just three years before Lot's retirement in 1876, this flute shows most of the adjustments and improvements Lot made during his lifetime. This is the ideal performance flute for modern lovers of Louis Lot. To this pinnacle flutemaking has yet to return.

Material: Silver flute with original gold embouchure. Steel springs. Original pad washers converted to spuds on main line only.

System: This is Lot's model 5, silver flute with C foot. The original gold embouchure adds to its price and elegance. The trill is to B. The crown is the metal screw type. The tone holes are modestly graduated. Casual measurements (without removing the mechanism) give 13.3mm for the left hand, 14.3 for the right hand, and 15.3 for the foot.

Condition: This flute is in excellent original condition. The only damage is a small event on the footjoint strap, and some pliers marks on the backclutch. The headjoint has been cut about 6 mm, and the ring removed. The original pad washers were changed on the top keys by David Chu, who overhauled this instrument a few years ago. David Chu recalls that the seam at the lower tenon is weakened. The lipplate is perfect. The crown is perfect. The mechanism is worn only from careful use.

Pitch: This flute was clearly made at French New pitch of A=435. The headjoint has been cut to allow higher pitches, certainly A=440, leaving the final determination of possible pitch up to the player.

Sounding Length: Current minimum sounding length 599 mm.


Weight: 378 g.

Case: In new case.

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