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Louis Lot

Serial #1869, 1867

Paris, France

Stamp: On body and foot : L.L./ LOUIS-LOT/ PARIS/ 1867. On headjoint: L.L./ LOUIS-LOT/ PARIS/ 1869/ BREVET�. Lipplate engraved with initials "V.A."

Marks: The little number 2 is stamped at the top of the foot and the bottom of the body.

Manufacture Date: Made 1874, probably in January. Louis Lot himself was two years from retirement, and this extraordinary instrument must have been the talk of the shop as it was being made.

Hallmarks: No hallmarks.

Comments: This is the professional's Boehm flute (Lot called only this system after Boehm). The unusually high quality of construction for this model shows that this instrument was made under the care of the Master. The squared embouchure, usually reserved for the metal flutes, shows that this instrument was meant as a partner to the most modern instruments, not a precursor. This is unquestionably the finest Boehm flute we have seen from Louis Lot's own hand and mark. The square embouchure gives added oomph to the very strong low B, yet seems to require extra precise lips on the high end. The tone is fantastic, with variety available from focused smooth to raucous raw.

Material: I believe this is the "grenadille ond�" that Lot mentions in his record book, meaning a special wavy-grained wood he used for his best flutes. The keys and trim are silver.

System: This is a professional version of the 1832 conical Boehm system, with a side G#, B trill, and foot to B.

Condition: This presentation flute was modestly used, and impeccably maintained. It is in perfect original condition, except for the new pads.

Pitch: Appears to play at A=440 with the headjoint all the way in. The flute was probably meant to play at French A=435, with the head out a tad.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 626 mm.


Weight: 436 g.

Case: In beautiful case, with initials, "V. A." on a silver plaque. The flute surfaced in Argentina, where it had been closeted for many years by the family of the original owner.

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