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Louis Lot

Serial #5669

Paris, France

Stamp: On body and silver head: L.L./ LOUIS-LOT/ PARIS/ 5669/ BREVET�. On wooden head and footjoint: L.L./ LOUIS-LOT/ PARIS


Manufacture Date: Probably made c. 1910. This flute seems to have been made just when Chambille registered his new E#C hallmark.

Hallmarks: Magnificently hallmarked on the body with H#V, and the footjoint with E#C. Lipplate also marked H#V. headjoint tube unmarked.

Comments: This flute is a fully playing instrument of the highest 20th century professionalism. While it lacks some of the delicacy of the earlier flutes, this is because the flute is intended to be loud and bold. The silver headjoint also works very well.

Material: Grenadilla (? a very black wood), with silver keys. Additional metal headjoint of drawn silver-plated tube, with silver lipplate. Also silver tenon cover for use with metal head.

System: Model 2, wood flute with silver keys to low B, left pinkie operated.

Condition: The condition of this flute is as new. It was purchased from Madame Chambille in 1946 by an American serviceman, and clearly not used much before or since.

Pitch: Seems to play at A=440.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 647 mm.


Weight: 560g (wood head); 536 g silver head.

Case: In original case with spots for the two heads.

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