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A. Bonneville



Stamp: Engraved on head and body: (monogram)AB/ BONNEVILLE/ (gothic) PARIS; additionally on body the number: 1578.


Manufacture Date: Made c. 1890-1896, assuming 75-100 flutes per year. The case, which may well be original to the flute, is marked "9 rue Corbeau, Paris". Langwill suggests that the firm's address changed in 1896 to rue St. Sebastian.

Hallmarks: No hallmarks.

Comments: The sculpting of the keys is very special on this flute, and the instrument has not been damaged a bit over time. This is an exquisite flute from one of the finest of flutemakers.

Material: Made of silver, although without hallmarks.

System: This is the model 5, French flute of silver with C foot. The trill is to Bb.

Condition: This flute is in lovely, barely used condition. All the parts are original and unaltered. The lipplate is very attractive, very clean, and completely original. The exquisite Bonneville crown is modestly worn in parts. There are no plier marks on the flute, and the pins look perfect. Oddly, the basic soldering of the ribs and tone holes is not as neat as one would suspect considering the exquisite quality of the flute, possibly suggesting that the one overhaul we can see the flute did have included resoldering the toneholes.

Pitch: Seems pitched at A=438-440.

Sounding Length:



Case: The case is an original Bonneville case, and may well be original to the flute. The lock is engraved, "BONNEVILLE 9 Rue Corbeau, Paris".

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