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Louis Lot



Stamp: Engraved on head and body: L. L. / LOUIS LOT/ PARIS/ BREVET�; additionally on headjoint the number: 6002

Marks: No marks visible under keys.

Manufacture Date: Made 1896, under Barat (1889-1904) (Giannini).

Hallmarks: Hallmarked on keys, rings, and lipplate with H#V and the boar's head of silver purity, Paris.


Material: Made of silver, with steel springs, metal washers.

System: Lot's model 5, silver flute with C foot. B trill.

Condition: Condition is currently old, but under the age is a gorgeous masterpiece. The crown shows very little wear, the lipplate is very cleanly soldered on, with no signs of having ever been removed, or the embouchure altered in any way. Nonetheless, the very far edge of the lipplate appears to have been slightly bent down towards the tube, probably intentionally, possibly just a passing bump. There are a few small dents on the headjoint and body. In fact, the primary wear on this flute appears to be from carelessness. The body and foot are the same as the headjoint, with little apparent wear from use, but a ding on the footjoint. The pads are old (tobacco stained?), and it looks like a lot of time was spent at the pub after work, or perhaps in the dance-hall after the show. This can all be easily corrected (the flute, I mean). This instrument plays as she is, but of course needs a complete overhaul.


Sounding Length: 601 mm



Case: In old French case.

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