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Louis Lot



Stamp: Engraved on headjoint: L. L./LOUIS LOT/PARIS/6944/BREVET�. On body: L. L./LOUIS LOT/PARIS/BREVET�. No mark on foot. Note: This engraving is clearly different than on earlier flutes. The letters are larger, there is a fanciness about the "S", and the letters are not perfectly lined up. The body engraving looks to have been done with the same hand, although more carefully.

Marks: No marks visible under keys.

Manufacture Date: Made in 1902 (Giannini) under Barat, two years before he retired.

Hallmarks: Hallmarked with on body and foot tube and keys. Headjoint not hallmarked.

Comments: This instrument was used for many years semiprofessionally in Belgium. After a modest lifetime of service, it was given to the niece of the player, who took it to school to learn on it. Alas, she could barely play this instrument, and soon gave up. She brought the instrument to us in Amsterdam many years later, untouched since her school experience. Most of the toneholes were loose, and the pads were terrible. We were able to assure her that her lack of success on the flute was not at all her fault. Nonetheless, with a new husband and son on hand, she choose not to try and resurrect her flute playing; hence the availability of this very lovely flute today. We took this instrument to Paul Rabinov, who resoldered all the tone holes, floated in new pads, and set the flute up with his knowledge and experience of Louis Lot. What a glorious treat it is to play on this flute. The covered tone holes and oval embouchure give this instrument a very special, rich, smooth, liquid sound that miraculously is pitched right at A=440.

Material: Made of silver tube and keys. Springs of steel. Pad washers of plated metal.

System: This is a model 5 flute, silver with C foot, yet it is built with plateau keys, and with an oval embouchure.

Condition: Condition is excellent and completely original, although used. No alterations or modifications are visible. This flute has been fully overhauled, including resoldering all the tone holes, here at our colleague Paul Rabinov's shop.

Pitch: Pitched at A=440.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 599 mm.



Case: In new case.

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