We are very sad to report that David Shorey passed away February 3, 2015 after an extended battle with cancer. David was the world’s leading expert on vintage flutes, especially those of the great flute makers of France. He was also in the midst of writing about the great flute makers here in America. His expertise and vast knowledge of these flutes is unsurpassed. With David’s passing, much remains to be completed of his life’s work. Many may not know that David was the curator of the Dayton C. Miller collection of flutes at the Library of Congress. He singlehandedly revived interest in the collection and fueled an international rebirth in the interest and awareness of some of the greatest flute makers to ever live.

Aside from his immersion in this wonderful world of old flutes, David was a man of intense kindness and generosity. He shared his knowledge freely and with anyone who asked. He was a gentle giant who filled any room with his presence and lively intellect. To know David was to love him.

David shared a life-long love with his wife Nina. He started his flute business in 1979 and met Nina in 1984, marrying her a year later. Together they ran the business, David and Nina Shorey Antique Flutes which grew to become the world’s leading venue for the exchange of knowledge and flutes emanating from this great period of flute making. David was also a wonderful father to their two sons, Josh and Clyde.

David never hesitated to loan or even give a flute from his personal collection to a musician in need. To honor David, Nina asks that all lovers of the flute give freely of their knowledge and assets in the same spirit as David has done for many of us. There can be no better legacy than to follow David’s example in life.

David will be greatly missed by those who knew him and the flute world in general. We have lost one of our leading advocates and an irreplaceable resource of knowledge.