David Shorey 1953-2015

Antique and Handmade Flutes

by David and Nina Shorey


Dear Flute Enthusiasts,

David and I happily served the flute community for over 30 years offering both endless information and exquisite instruments. Unfortunately David’s passing has closed the door to this venture, but we are blessed with so much written knowledge of the instruments that passed through here over the years.

The following pages, filled with photographs and information, are here for your perusal, whether you have an avid interest or a mild curiosity. There is a lot to glean from these pages, but anyone who knew David knows it’s also a good read. Enjoy!


This site contains the following Flute Resources:
The on-line flute archive of David and Nina’s website c. 2015
Antique Flutes Sales Catalogues from pre-digital times (1979-1997)
Louis Lot Company Journals for the periods 1855-1864, 1887-1892, and 1918-1930 with explanatory index
Descriptions of other flutes which were not posted on the website

Please note that work continues to aggregate David’s writings and flute descriptions. Please check back to see what is new.

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