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Flutemakers Guild, made by Harry Seely according to family tradition.

London, England

Stamp: On upper body: FLUTEMAKERS / GUILD / (monogram) FG / LONDON / 324. On headjoint: FLUTEMAKERS / GUILD / (monogram ) FG / LONDON. On footjoint: (monogram) FG.

Comments: This extraordinary flute resides in a case obviously used by Felix Skowronek, as it is covered with stickers from hotels, pavilions, and music camps from Brasil through Poland to Spokane. The unthinned body gives a robust and hearty sound, compared to the clear, bright, and penetrating tone of the thinned flutes. There is definitely something magical about this flute, even covered as it currently is with the detritus of time, travel, and repose. Of all these FMG flutes, this one would drown out the rest of the orchestra if desired.

Material: Made of cocus or grenadilla, but definitely of wood, with silver keys and steel springs. Currently containing other indeterminate materials of environmental base.

System: From the Skorownek collection. Full bodied (not thinned) wooden flute with detachable B foot. Gizmo on foot. C# trill. Inline G.

Condition: This flute is unrestored, yet does it play. There is a filled (unfinished) crack in the upper body at the headjoint socket.

Pitch: This honker seems spot on at A=440.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 635 mm.

Measurements: Body scale 224 mm.

Weight: Weighs a handsomely robust 586 grams.

Case: In FMG one-piece case, covered with travel stickers.

Sorry, sold.
Price: $12,000

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