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Stamp: No markings on flute.

Comments: This elegant little Franco-Germanic flute looks a bit like the Meyer flutes, but plays quite differently, having a nice tone. The intonation is surprisingly good. The strong wooden case looks original, and the package is a fine one.

Material: Made of dark brown wood, possibly grenadilla, with eight nickel-silver keys, nickel rings, a wooden crown, and a partially lined ivory headjoint.

System: This is an eight keyed flute with C foot. The keys are pillar mounted. The headjoint with partial slide. The G# key is at 90º in the French mode, yet the instrument has some Germanic influence. The tone holes are carefully undercut, and the flute plays well in tune with a good tone.

Condition: The condition is excellent, notwithstanding a crack on the rear of the ivory headjoint (filled here).

Pitch: Pitched slightly high, but plays at A=440 when pulled out a bit.

Sounding Length: Sounding length all-in: 589 mm. At A=440: 595 mm.

Measurements: Embouchure 9.2 x 12.1 mm.

Weight: Weighs 442 g.

Case: In wooden case with shaped interior, all apparently original. The case is neither French nor German in style, which suggests a Belgian or American origin.

Removed due to ivory restrictions.
Price: $675

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