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Hill-Late Monzani & Co.

London, England

Stamp: (crown)/HILL-LATE/MONZANI & Co./28 REGENT ST./PICCADILLY/LONDON/3232 /(space)PATENT on midjoint, (crown)MONZANI & Co. on all other joints

Comments: This is a very attractive flute. The wood, as is usual with Monzani instruments, is a fine dark cocus. The silver work is perhaps more lyrical than usual. The lipplate, which fully lines the inside of the blow hole, is one of the prettiest lipplates we have seen. This flute is a fine player, with all of the melodic brightness for which Monzani must surely have been famous. This was obviously a prize flute when it was built, in it's own modest sort of way (for an aristocrat). The tone has a regal richness which is very compelling, and transcends the usual Monzani intimacy. All in all, a very special flute.

Material: Cocus with silver keys and trim, inlaid silver lipplate.

System: 9-key, C foot. (extra Bb touch). Fully lined headjoint with tuning slide; foot and heart one piece.

Condition: Pinned crack through headjoint (embouchure safe) and barrel, hairline crack in midjoint socket, repaired shoulder on long F, unusual hairline crack down from E hole, small dent (dropped?) on bottom of foot; otherwise in very fine original condition, counting a bit of wear from use.

Pitch: Pitched to play from about A=440 to almost A =448.

Sounding Length: Sounding length 588(mm) compressed.

Measurements: Emb. 11.5 x 10.55 mm, and is lined with a silver chimney to the inner tube.

Weight: 428

Case: With Monzani case of leather, wood and suede.


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