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Ate. Bonneville


Stamp: Engraved on headjoint and body: (monogram) AB / ATE / BONNEVILLE / (gothic) Paris /. Additionally on body: 5137

Material: This is Bonneville's Silver flute, with seamed tube, currently with gold springs. Hallmarked with Bonneville's silver mark. One replaced pad washer, on the F key. Original pad washers of Bonneville's special domed metal. Cork screw of metal. This flute is restored to excellent playable condition.

System: Classic French model, with C foot. Trill to Bb.

Condition: The body of this flute has many stories to tell. Remarkably, the mechanism shows few signs of repair. This might well be due to excellent repair work. It appears as though the headjoint tube has been cut by about 1 cm. It needs to be pulled out about 7 mm. to play at A=440. Perhaps the large section cut might have been due to past damage. The headjoint tube looks as though it was bumped around a bit.

Pitch: The body scale measures out close to the old A435 scale, yet the headjoint needs to be pulled out 1/2' to play at A=440, where the flute seems most comfortable.

Sounding Length: Sounding length compressed: 59.3 mm.

Measurements: Body scale 227 mm. Emb. 12.21 x 10.32.

Weight: 447

Case: In new case.

Sorry, sold.

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