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A. G. Badger
No serial number.
New York USA
No image at this timeThis is a copy of the Godfroy flute. The workmanship is exquisite. The foot is to C, the G# is Dorus, the thumb is the classic French Briccialdi, the trill is to B. The keys are made and padded as open-hole French model, yet they have been carefully fitted with silver plugs. The embouchure is fitted with an engraved silver plate from the bottom half. The footjoint is the back-clutch pinned foot of Godfroy. The pad washers are the screw-on Boehm type.Sorry, Sold.
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Louis Lot
Serial #5650.
Lot's model 6, silver flute with B foot. Standard backclutch, hanging T. B trill. Right pinkie B. In other words, this flute is a modern French model but for the B trill, which was not compulsory until the depression, for some reason. The toneholes are graduated, with two sizes on the top rack and larger holes on the footjoint. The pad washers are original, the tone holes are solid, the mechanism is tight, and the flute is ready to go.Sorry, Sold.
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Rudall Carte & Co.
Serial # 2846.
This was built as a fully professional English Boehm system, with offset G, and a C foot. The full-body wood and headjoint have not been thinned. This is a handmade flute of the highest quality, boasting a long life of great service. Sorry, Sold.
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Rudall Carte & Co, Ltd.
Serial #6432.
English version of French System, with offset G, large plateau keys, B trill, Larger footjoint toneholes required the wood to be left proud at the tone hole rims, a much more difficult job than just cutting, as on the body. I suspect this was built as a student model, considering the large plated keys. The headjoint is fully lined with a seamed metal tube, giving the tuning slide, and a bright tone. The footjoint is to C, and is of the pinless design. The clutch system is the shoulder clutches of Lot.Sorry, Sold.
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Richard Potter

London England
The six keyed flute was first used in London around 1765. Richard Potter was an early exponent of these instruments, and made many beautiful 6 keyed flutes, with a specialty in lovely solid ivory instruments. In 1785 he patented the use of pewter plugs and a metal lining in the headjoint with a barrel at the socket. This flute is the product of Potter's post-1785 workshop, yet built in the old style, without a metal-lined headjoint. It is thus perfect for playing earlier music.Sorry, Sold.
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