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Louis Lot
This is the model 5, silver flute with C foot, from the Lot price lists. This instrument has a Dorus G#, surely one of the last ones made. The trill is to Bb, and the tube is seamless. Sold.
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V. Q. Powell
Serial #2909, Made for Elaine Shaffer.
Boston USA
This is a handmade French model flute with B foot, made at the slightly high pitch of A=442. The Powell records at www. show this: Serial Number:2909 Completion Date:6/28/1968 Specs:Sterling silver, soldered tone holes, .014" tubing, Traditional Powell Scale, A-442, French cups, B foot joint, in-line G Model:Handmade Custom Metal Flute The Powell records compiled by employees and disseminated in the early 1980's, which are neither official nor completely accurate, list this flute as: June 28, 1968 2909 Elaine S. Kurz HM [Hand Made] French low B A-442 E.W. Our records show that E.W are the initials of the stringer who built the flute, Elmer Waterhouse, who joined Powell's as an apprentice in 1945 and was one of the four workman who bought the company from Verne Powell in 1961. Sold.
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Flutemakers Guild, made by Harry Seely according to family tradition.
London England
From the Skorownek collection. Full bodied (not thinned) wooden flute with detachable B foot. Gizmo on foot. C# trill. Inline G.Sorry, sold.
$ 12,000
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