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Rudall Carte & Co., Ltd
London England
This is the rare and exquisite fully thinned flute with one-piece body and foot that was the highest quality instrument from Rudall and Carte. It is a standard Boehm, with offset G, closed G#, C foot, and B-C thumb trill. The headjoint is silver lined.Sorry, sold.
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No image at this timeThis is an eight keyed flute with C foot. The keys are pillar mounted. The headjoint with partial slide. The G# key is at 90º in the French mode, yet the instrument has some Germanic influence. The tone holes are carefully undercut, and the flute plays well in tune with a good tone.Removed due to ivory restrictions.
$ 675
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Shepherd and Sutton / Rod Cameron

This is a six keyed flute with C foot. Toneholes modestly Nicholsonian, with the characteristic large F# and B holes. Rod Cameron rebuilt the flute some years ago, including retuning, probable re-boring, and Rod's signature polish to the bore.Sold.
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Richard Potter

This is the famous Potter 6 keyed flute with foot to C and a fully lined headjoint with tuning slide. The keys are all Potter's patent pewter plugs. Happily the keys all seat, and the flute has a strong low C and C#. Curiously, the blow hole has been undercut as though the player would hold the flute angled towards the audience, blowing towards the upper right corner of the embouchure. This undercutting appears original. This model flute became so popular and famous it really transformed flute playing, ushering in the use of the keyed flute as a chromatic instrument.Sold.
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H. Bettoney
Serial #1025.
Boston. USA
This is Bettoney's model 1000 wooden flute, seemingly made around 1920 (Berdahl).Removed.
$ 2,800
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