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V. Q. Powell
Boston, Mass. USA
This excellent example of Powell in the 80's is a French model flute with B foot and gold embouchure. This is a classic Albert Cooper influenced instrument. The body is marked Cooper Scale, and the lipplate was specially made by Albert Cooper, according to oral history from the original owner. The embouchure shows Cooper's solution to greater volume in the boldly overcut sides. Sold.
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Louis Lot
This model 7 covered hole flute is made of Maillechort with silver plating, and an original silver lipplate. The springs are steel. The original metal padwashers are all present. The original thumb crutch is of ebony and silver.Sold.
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Wylde, from Rudall & Rose (left handed)

Left handed 7 keyed flutes are rare, and this instrument has been zealously guarded, and nursed back to health many times.Sold.
$ 3,125
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Louis Lot
This is the Model 5, silver flute with C foot, used by most professionals in France. The upper trill key is for the thumb B, and is made like the Godfroy trills, on the outside rod with a groove in the body strap. The padwashers are made with a definite change from earlier, having small rectangular catch holes for unscrewing, rather than the round holes used since the time of Lot and Godfroy, and they are flat topped. The tone hole rims are with the concave taper. The wall thickness is a very thin .012" (.3048 mm), and the diameter of the tubes seems scant to 19 mm. It is likely that this instrument was made for a client wishing an old-time sound; the lyrical call of the original Louis Lot flutes. The construction is exquisite, and in perfect original condition. Sold.
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J. Pfaff

This is an eight keyed flute with a rare one piece body and foot design. It is a medium sized hole model, with minimum undercutting. The headjoint is unlined. The embouchure is oval (9.9 x 11.7 mm), broadly undercut and with a careful overcutting at the outside edges. The foot keys for C and C# are uniquely clutched with an extension of the brass spring for the C#.Sold.
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