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Wm. S. Haynes
Boston USA
This exquisite flute, the former property of John Wummer, is made in the typical Haynes version of the Boehm and Mendler wooden flutes, with plateau keys and a pinned, two roller footjoint to C. Haynes has changed Boehm's system with the addition of a C# trill, the closed G#, and the French thumb. The trill is to the thumb key for B-C, not to the Bb as is today's preference. Haynes used Boehm's silver ball-and-screw adjustable version of Lot's shoulder clutches.Sold.
$ 4,900
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V. Q. Powell
Boston, MA USA
This is a handmade French model flute, with B foot. The trill is to Bb.Sold.
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Wm. S Haynes / Howell Roberts
Open hole, drawn tone holes, inline G, Deveau scale, .o16 tube, B foot. Wooden headjoint thinned, with silver tenon inserted just a short way into head.$ 5,800
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Amsterdam The Netherlands
This clear work of art from Amsterdam is built on the Boehm 1832 system as made by Godfroy and Lot, taking design elements from the Godfroy/Lot flutes throughout their output from c.1836 to c. 1860, when this flute was probably made. The foot is to C, with the side-by-side arms and overlapping armrest clutch, accompanied by the "kidney" shaped D# key, as used on the first models of the Godfroy 1832 system. The right hand mechanism has the two conjoined rings over the E and F holes, with a fully completed back clutch, invented by Godfroy and Lot around 1849. The design of the backclutch is very square, compared to Godfroy. and this is continued in the square tops of the arms on the thumb key, where Godfroy had his famous ball. The swirling Bb over the two-hole C on the thumb is classic Lot / Godfroy from the 1850's. The headjoint, with the large ivory section, is a throwback to a more decorative age. The ivory piece is only a few millimeters thick, and slides from the top of the headjoint over the wooden headjoint, which has been turned down from the bottom end of the ivory to the top of the flute. Under the crown ring one can see that a piece of wood has been turned to fit over the thinned headjoint, and slid on to meet up with the ivory. It is astounding that this instrument has maintained such good condition over the years.Removed.
$ 4,800
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Claude Laurent

Paris France
This is a five-keyed flute, with foot to D. The G# key is mounted on the socket of the heartpiece. The D# key is swiveled, with a round pad "cup" (there is no cup to these pads, which are flat silver). There are two headjoints, of different sounding lengths and slightly different diameters and wall thickness. The flute also has two midjoints. The available pitches with this configuration range from A=415 to A=440.Sold 1/10/2010
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