Number Description Price
A. Kauffman
No serial number.
No image at this timeEight keyed flute, C foot. English early romantic model, with partial tuning slide.Sorry, removed.
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A. G. Badger

New York
No image at this timeFull cylindrical Boehm, with closed G#, silver lipplate, B foot, Bb trill. No adjustment screw on footjoint keys.Sorry, removed.
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Ate. Bonneville
Serial #5137
Classic French model, with C foot. Trill to Bb.Sorry, sold.
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Rudall Carte & Co Ltd
London England
The right hand mechanism is similar to the standard "hanging T" and "back clutch" in use for the C flutes. The left hand, on the other hand, is a brilliant, ingenious, and for the most part tasteful rendition of the artform. My favorite key is the Bb thumb mechanism. This runs down the flute on the same axle as the thumb B, drops down a tail which rests on a seesaw clutch, by which it raises the arm of the B axle! The tube is .019", and the tone holes are drawn and rolled.Sorry, sold.
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Louis Lot
This is a specially ordered "Model 3" flute from the Louis Lot shop made with Boehm's open G# and reversed Bb. In this case the Bb is a straightforward Briccialdi key which simply ends earlier on the thumb!Sorry, sold.
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