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Clair Godfroy piccolo

Paris France
1832 system piccolo with open G#, D foot.Removed.
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Collard, A. & Co.
Serial number 88.
London England
This is Collard's Patent, although which of his many patents is illustrated here future scholars will have to determine. A. Collard is actually Mr. Collard Augustus Drake, who registered patents on flute keywork in 1878, 1880, 1880 (again), 1885, 1889 and for a piccolo also 1889. I do not have these patents in front of me, but I suspect they are all here on this flute. As a budding lexicologist of clutchology I am overwhelmed by this masterpiece. The basic system resembles Carte's 1867 system, having an open D, open G# and first finger F# (among other similarities). Beyond Carte, this flute endeavors to make key combinations easily available through a series of overlapping spades. Furthermore, to give an extra boost to the low end every note from E down has double holes, again with overlapping spade clutches (very tightly sprung).Sold!
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C. Rive
Paris France
This flute is the standard Louis Lot Model 7, plated metal flute with foot to C. The trill is to Bb.Sold.
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A. Bonneville
This is the model 5, French flute of silver with C foot. The trill is to Bb.Sold.
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Louis Lot
Lot's model 5, silver flute with C foot. B trill.Sold.
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