David Shorey 1953-2015

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Antique and Handmade Flutes

by David and Nina Shorey


Regular visitors will notice the addition of "Handmade" flutes to our title.

Thanks to our work with the great French flutes of the 19th century, we have gained an increasing interest in the next development in flutemaking, namely the 20th century flutes of Haynes and Powell, and their offshoots.

Since many of these instruments are practically modern, we have enjoyed interacting with a larger group of players than are drawn to earlier times.

If you purchase one of our instruments, we want to be sure that your experience is an enduringly happy one. We have been selling vintage flutes for 33 years this April. We have found new homes for over 900 instruments, all of them extraordinary, and the flutes were good too.

4135 Center St.
Culver City, CA 90232

Telephone: (310) 413-0307

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